It’s Everything You Need For DIY Leak Detection.

Find leaks & make repairs now!

Take matters into your own hands. With incredible sensitivity and listening power, the Aquafone LD Hand Held Amplifier and Pool Microphone detect the sound of leaks and identify where your pool is losing water. It’s the ultimate Do It Yourself leak detection and repair kit.


The kit includes everything you need to find leaks fast and make repairs. Powered by 2-AA batteries, you’ll never need to call on someone else to find where your pool, spa or fountain is leaking.


Aquafone LD - DIY Leak Detection System

Adjust the volume of the sounds you hear to get accurate identification of even the smallest leaks in your pool or spa. Just put the microphone in the pool and detect leaks.


Aquafone LD - DIY Leak Detection System

The Aquafone Leak Detection Underwater Microphone is designed to go in the water so you don’t have to. It’s weighted for ease and control to put the mic where you want it.


Over-ear headphones are included to reduce outside distractions and to reduce ambient sounds while you accurately detect even the smallest leaks in your pool or spa.


Once you’ve found the offending leak, make fast repairs using the included 2-part epoxy or the vinyl liner repair products included in the leak detection and repair kit.

Find Them. Fix Them. Forget Them.

Don’t guess when it comes to finding leaks. Know what needs repair and stop water loss now with the Aquafone LD Kit.

The power of professional leak detection. Say hello to the Aquafone LD.

Innovation in the palm of your hand.

Water loss is costly, and so is waiting on someone else who may, or may not find your leaks. Do It Yourself with the power, accuracy and precision that the professionals use, packaged into a leak detection and repair kit that’s in your control.

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