Everyone wants a beautiful pool. That sparkling water and cool refreshing spot to land a cannonball! Consider this, pool maintenance is a constant for the lifetime you own the pool. Ignoring the pools needs are the best way to say goodbye to such a dear friend. Here are 2 DIY things you can co to keep pools in check.

2 DIY things you can co to keep pools in check

1. Grab a net and skim that pool!

Every couple of days, throw on a pair of headphones and get personal with that pool. Grab a pool pole with a net and skim the surface. Take out the bugs, the leaves, the sticks, the dust and any unwanted debris that’s made its way into the water. 

Your pool is designed to gather this stuff from the pool, but it can always use a hand. The things that will likely clog a vacuum, a skimmer or just gather in the bottom corner of the pool are easy to remove by hand and literally takes a few minutes. It’s truly therapeutic. Spend a half hour with your pool, it will thank you by running better.

2. Vacuum it and brush the walls!

Algae is a fast grower, and even dust and dirt that’s blown into the pool can leave water lines on tile and around the upper edge of the pool. Put those disparaging dirty lines in place with a regular brushing of the pool walls. Quite literally, run the brush up and down the walls to loosen and remove any dirt or debris that’s hanging on. Then, when it’s settled to the bottom of the pool – BAM, hit it with a vacuum and show it who’s boss. Suck that dirt and grime right out of the pool and enjoy clean pool water where you can see the bottom without any problems!

Pool maintenance is a DIY thing, provided you don’t let it go for a long time without it. then, you have to call someone with bigger tools that you’ve got to get it back to zero. Take a little time to keep your pool clear and it will last you a lifetime.