Keeping your pool water balance in check is important to reduce long term wear on your pool, pool surface and pool equipment. Having more non-pool water elements to clean means harder working equipment. Having regularly unbalanced water can lead to surface issues, and surface issues can lead to tile pop-offs, structural cracking and expensive repairs.

Keep pool water clean and help prevent these possibilities! Three easy things will help keep your water in check.

3 Easy Fixes For Clean Pool Water

1. Get rid of the debris.

Skim your pool daily and remove leaves, sticks, bugs and things that float around in the pool. Theoretically, yes, your skimmer is going to collect t this, but faster and more effective than your skimmer is YOU. Take the 45 seconds you need to run a net over the top fo the pool. Grab that bundle of dirt and debris from the bottom corner and keep the water clean.

2. Don’t go into the pool like it’s a bathtub.

Clean off the dirt and grime, even on the bottom of your feet. Take a quick rinse in the shower, an outdoor shower or even with a hose before diving in. Skin oils, sunscreens, lawn dirt and grass – all these things come into the pool with you, and the pool has to get them out. Remove the added stress of your system by simply not putting debris into the pool water.

3. Dogs can really enjoy a good swim.

It’s cool, refreshing, and if the dogs owner is in the pool – it’s heaven for the pup. It’s not so for the drains, pumps and suctions. Brush your pet out regularly to get excess hair and oils off of them before they jump into the pool. Then, after they’re out, give the pool a skim with a net to get the rest of the pup out of the pool too. Your pool system will thank you by operating longer without unexpected consequences.