If winter is coming and you’re concerned that you won’t properly ready your pool, take a few DIY measures into your own hands and make that pool ready for the color, non-swim season. A few simple things will keep down the expense of potential repairs and adjustments when you re-open the pool next year.

3 Things You Can Do To Maintain Your In-Ground Pool This Winter

1. Chlorine and Algaecide

Before you cover your pool, add some sanitizers that will keep the pool clean during non-use. The last thing you want is to open the cover next year and see a green swamp ready for frogs to enjoy. The right balance of sanitizers before closure will keep things like algae from creating havoc under cover.

2. Get a pool cover that fits properly.

Just having a cover isn’t enough. Is a winter jacket without sleeves going to keep you covered? Make sure the cover for your pool does what it’s intended to do; that is, cover the pool. A proper fit is going to keep elements, debris and other hazards out fo the pool – maybe even bears … do you have bears? What’s more, a properly covered and secure pool is a safety measure that keeps other accounts from happening … like drowning bears.

3. Check the water levels monthly throughout the off season.

Water is still going to drop even through the pool is covered. Keep the level up and mind those chemical balances to ensure that the pool water stays clean and clear and the surface of the pool doesn’t dry out and become susceptible to cracking, flaking or other damages that will cost you dearly down the road.

A few simple DIY tricks will ensure that your beautiful pool is still beautiful next year, take it upon yourself to do it right and enjoy that pool for a lifetime of summers!