The cut and dry answer is, no. Outside leak detection companies charge upwards of $1000-$1500 to come out find your leak, and often, homeowners don’t have the option of a leak detection company nearby. In the end, it can be weeks before they come to find your pool leak and the cost can be high. You can find those leaks and make repairs yourself with the Aquafone LD.

The Aquafone LD is the same underwater microphone technology that the big service companies use, but it puts that power in the palm of your hand. Nothing extravagant, no long detailed explanation of use. Just lower the microphone into the pool or spa where you suspect a leak is taking place and listen. The sound of a filled pool that has a leak is easy to identify with the Aquafone LD.

Start by listening in the skimmer. Just lower the microphone into the water in the skimmer and listen. If water is leaking out, you’ll hear the whooshing sound. Because the microphone is heavier than the volume of water, it’s easy to control where you’re listening. Hang it in front of the light in your pool, and the return fittings and drop it onto the drain cover. These are areas where small leaks occur and these small leaks are responsible for a bigger cost while you keep refilling your water level.

Wherever plastic comes through the pool wall, small separations can occur. You don’t need to call a big-time company to come out and find those leaking areas. They’re going to do the same thing that you’re going to do, but you’re going to do it faster, and find your pool leak for literally 1/3rd of the cost.

The Aquafone LD Kit includes repair products to plug those leaks and stop the water loss. Wither in concrete pools or with a vinyl patch, you’ll be able to easily repair the area you found leaking and enjoy a filled pool or spa without the worry of water loss and an increased monthly water bill. What’s better, you can do it today and avoid waiting on the other guy to do what you can do yourself.

Order your Aquafone LD Kit today and end the frustration of leaks and spare the cost of big ticket service calls and repairs.