Your swimming pool is your summer haven. It’s where you lounge in the sun, cool off during hot days, gather around with family and friends for BBQs, and where your children learn to swim. It’s that break from relentless Summer heat, and the pride of your back yard. Keeping it maintained is a necessary chore, but the benefits of DIY Pool Repairs are worth it.

Easy DIY Pool Repairs

Here are some notes to take in when caring for your pool.

You see cloudy water:

Your swimming pool may look mucky and cloudy from time to time. This can be caused by several different factors. Trees, the weather, the sun, pool algae, your filter system, and even pool chemicals can all give your pool water to a cloudy consistency.

To clear it, there are several methods to try. A pool water clarifier will take the small particles making it cloudy, and combine them into larger masses that will get sucked up by your filter.

You can also try stirring the water with a pool brush, or simply swimming. This will move the particles on the bottom and push them towards to the top. Turning on bottom drains may achieve the same results.

Another thought, if you need a quicker fix, you can use a Flocculant. Floccing your pool takes more work on your part, and is difficult, but it will clear the water within 24 hours. Flocculant chemicals gather up all of the particles clouding your water, and send them to the bottom of the pool. After that cloud is moved down, you can manually vacuum it up with your pool pump.

Water Leaks:

Before panicking and taking the time to search around the pool, be sure you check on your filter system. The leak could be caused by a faulty pump, filter, heater, chlorinator or any other part of that system.

The Aquafone LD Kit includes vinyl patch and concrete repair products to stop water from exiting through cracks and tears and will spare you the worry of adding water to your pool. Find the leak with the Aquafone LD Underwater Microphone and Hand Held Amplifier and make those repairs fast.

These issues aren’t taught to take care of. Any homeowner with a little elbow grease can get the job done in an hour or so and be swimming in no time.

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