No pool is all of one piece; pumps and motors circulate water through debris-catching filters and cleaning feeders, pushing the water in and out of the pool’s vacuum ports and returns, also called “jets.” Though it takes a whole team of components to keep your pool properly running, the points at which various parts meet are the most susceptible to leaks. To patch up leaks around the jets yourself, one option is two-part epoxy.

How to Repair Leaks Around the Jets

Step 1: Identify the leak:

Put on a pair of rubber gloves and use a dye test tube inject dye around the area where you suspect the leak. You can lay on the deck and reach right down to the return fitting and squeeze small drops of dye around the edge of the fitting.

Note, you might want to use a brush first to be sure there isn’t algae, dirt or debris clogging the potential leak. Because it’s pulling in water, it might have pulled in dirt too, so give it a quick scrub to make sure it’s cleared and the leak is identifiable.

When you see the drops of dye being pulled into the leak, you’ll know where to put the putty.

2. 2 Part Epoxy mixing:

This is easy, but always refer to the manufacturers instructions on the product. With your hands, mix together the 2-part epoxy into a snake. Roll it into a strand for easy application.

Note, you’ll typically have 20 minutes before it’s become too malleable to use. You realistically won’t need that amount of time, but don’t start the project and take a phone call, get it done once you begin.

3. Ready to test again:

Once the epoxy has been used to fill the area of the leak, give it a little while to settle in and perform another dye test. If it isn’t pulling dye in, the leak has stopped and you’re ready to swim, stress free!


if the area where you’re testing for a leak is further down than you can comfortably reach, use a pair of goggles and get into the pool. You can also use a telescopic mirror to get eyes on it. You can test all the return fittings and plastics that come through the pool wall. Each potential leak can be repaired the same way with a little ingenuity.