One great way to keep the pool in great condition is a good pool cover – but you’ve got to keep that pool cover in great condition too. Here are a few things you can do to make sure it stays in top shape.

Keep Your Pool Cover In Check

1. Keep water from forming on the cover.

Maybe it’s rain, maybe water just found its way onto the cover – brush it off. The water is supposed to be under the cover, not on top of it. A pool of water on top of the cover will cause wear, sagging and the collection of dirt and grime from the air. Keep the water off the pool cover, especially since it’s going to the pool was you pull the cover back. All around, water on top fo the cover is just a bad idea.

2. No dirt, debris or toys on the cover!

Same as water, leaves, sticks, kids toys and dusty elements from the air want to relax in the sun on a stretched out pool cover. Don’t let it! Keep the cover clean, and remember, it it’s on the cover, the next place it’s going is into the pool if you don’t get rid of it now. Keep the cover clean, and keep the pool clean.

3. Get used to keeping it off when adjusting water.

As you add chemicals to the pool, balance sanitizers or fill the pool level, leave the cover off for a couple of hours. This allows the pool water to settle and do its thing as the balance stabilizes and the pool stays clean. Sunlight isn’t going to hurt an uncovered pool during this process, just keep an eye out for kids and critters when it’s uncovered.

4. Take your top off once a week!

Really, take the cover off once a week. Regardless of adding chemicals or sanitizers, let the pool breathe weekly so gasses don’t build up underneath. Plus, that once a week roll-back is going to let you see the level of the water so you know it isn’t dropping more than it should. If it is, get a leak detection so you don’t suffer more damage down the road.

5. Look over the cover regularly for tears, rips, thinned out areas, stretching and to make sure that the mechanisms that roll it back are intact. Remember, water and debris will take their toll on covers, as will simple air and sunshine over time. Keeping your cover in great condition is the right way to protect your pool, and those who enjoy it (the kids and the dogs). Keep that cover in shape and run down this checklist regularly to make sure it stays that way.