Heavy rainfall has the potential of introducing foreign debris to your pool, and this can alter how your pool equipment operates, add strain to its regular capabilities and cause pool water imbalance. Below, we’re going to take a look at some of the options rainy climate pool owners choose to keep their pools operating in prime condition.

Maintaining Your Pool In Rainy Climates

First, keep the pool clean!

Likely, with rainstorms, wind is going to blow leaves and debris into the pool, as well as dust and dirt. A weekly cleaning isn’t enough! Skim the pool after a rain, and run the vacuum. A manual vacuum might be better, as your eyes are going to be more keen than a vacuum robot. If something is in the pool that isn’t pool water – get it out.

Next, check those alkalinity and pH levels for a proper balance.

Rain often carries something acidic in it, though it’s not boring your eyes, it’s still got different levels of elements than your pool water, and a good rainfall is going to add a lot of water into that pool, changing the dynamics of it. Rainwater is going to decrease the pH in your pool and the alkalinity is going to drop. Be it a good thing or a bad thing, check your levels for the best thing.

What about those Chlorine and Sanitizer levels?

Your water level is likely going up with the rain. Let it settle to its normal level and check your chlorine levels to see that for the volume of water in the pool, everything is in check.

Take a look at what makes it tick!

Storms can take their toll on the pool’s equipment. Take a look at your equipment set. Make sure tree limbs haven’t smashed anything. Remove piles of leaves that might be building around the heater, keep the equipment are clean. It’s not just good looking, it’s beneficial to your equipment breathing and operating properly.

Run the pool.

You’ve got your water balanced, your chemicals all look good, run the system. Heat the pool if you’ve got a pool heater, run the spa from the remote link – just check everything out to see that it’s running properly, even if you aren’t diving into the pool today. After a good rain, nip any future problems in the bud by just taking a look over it and seeing that it’s all running right!

A simple once over after a good rain might take a half hour of your day, but it’s going to ensure that you have a lifetime of enjoyment in your pool.