If you’re a new pool owner, there are a few things to note that can cost you if not taken care of properly. Having a pool is a joy, but it comes with required maintenance to keep it as lovely as the day you first got it. Don’t make these common mistakes that will cost you time and money down the road.

New Pool Owner Maintenance Mistakes

Check those chemical balances.

It’s easy to see a week go by when you didn’t use the pool, and of course, you didn’t maintain it. Don’t let your chemical levels slip, your pool will suffer for it. Check those levels often and if it rains regularly, make sure you check them often. Adding water to a pool, by either a hose or a rainstorm, is going to alter the chemical balance and lead to other issues like algae growth, surface discoloration, calcium buildup and even an icky smell. What’s more, if you’re adding water by hose regularly, have a leak detection performed.

2. Keep and eye on TDS and Calcium

Always check the total dissolved solids or calcium hardness on a regular basis. Every six months at the least, you should check for TDS and once a month for calcium hardness in the pool. Water balance is different than chlorine and sanitizer balances. To keep it all in check, you have to actually check it and adjust as necessary. A good pool service professional can help a lot.

3. Improper PH levels?

Don’t allow your pool water to go over 8.0. when you hit 8.5, chlorine is only 10% active. Get the PH to 7.0 and it will be around 70-75% active. Even at 7.5 you’re 50-60% active and you’ll get the full potential of the chlorine in your pool water.

4. Wash down the tiles and walls.

Ignoring the surface is a big mistake for new pool owners. Algae comes quick when surfaces are ignored, and the alternatives for having it removed can change the surface of your pool altogether, making it rough, or needing a resurfacing. Brush the pool walls once a week, it only takes a few minutes, and with headphones on, it’s actually a pleasant and relaxing experience. In the long run, the expense of cleaning something that could have been avoided is going to be a lot less relaxing.

Did you forget to do these things on your new pool? Making a roaring comeback isn’t always easy, but it can be done. You might have to employ some professionals to get you back to the start, but consider it a good learning experience.

If you have questions about your new pool, ask the builder for tips. They’ll have all the details that will keep your new investment prime and ready for use all year round.