James from Pemberton, MS shares: “It really came down to being sick and tired of waiting for someone to come find leaks. I called one of those American National Franchises and they told me it would be two weeks before they could come out. They even wanted me to book a $1200 appointment and still wait two weeks. I said no.

I discovered the Aquafone LD and from what I could see, it was going to do the same thing the company was going to, just listen for leaks, so I ordered it. We’re talking about a third of the price of what I’d have had to put down to wait on another company. I found my leak in 3 minutes.

Just Tired Of Waiting On A Leak Detection Company to Find leaks

I got the Aquafone and put in the batteries like it said to. I plugged in the headphones and the microphone and started listening in the skimmer like in the video. I heard the noise immediately, it was at the seam where the bottom of the basket was, I don’t think I’d have otherwise seen it. I was really enthused so I kept listening around the rest of the pool, just like the video. No other leaks were found, but I did find where the water was going, it was going out the skimmer.

The kit came with a 2-part epoxy, so I mashed some of it up and pushed it into the seam on the skimmer nice and neat. We haven’t lost water since, and I didn’t have to wait two weeks to have someone do what I could do myself, in literally a few minutes.

If you’ve got water loss, do what I did before you wait on someone else. Get an Aquafone Kit and fix it yourself, you’ll save a ton of time and money.”

The Aquafone LD is compact and easy to use. Just dangle the microphone into the water and listen in the places where leaks typically occur. If plastic comes through the pool wall, or if you see what looks like a crack in the concrete, just listen to it. When the pool is full, the pressure from the water’s weight is going to make noise in leaks. Hear it, prove it with a squirt of dye and fix it with the products in the kit. Vinyl or concrete, fiberglass and even in cedar tubs, you can Do It Yourself with the Aquafone LD.