One word – Algae!

Keeping pool water in check takes maintenance. Regular sanitizing, keeping chem cals in balance and skimming the pool of debris daily is going to go a long way to keeping algae from your pool, but there are other factors.

Why is my pool green

If you’ve got a large number of swimmers, every one of them is introducing skin oils, daily dirt and foot traffic into the pool. This brings debris and unbalances chemicals in the pool.

Rain and wind bring dirt, dust and leaves into the pool. You might even see it gather in the corners. Get rid of it. Use a net and take the debris off the surface and out fo the bottom of the pool. Cleaners can easily get clogged, avoid that hassle by taking a minute to skim the pool yourself.

Have you got lawn chemicals running into the pool?

Phosphates and nitrates are good for the lawn, but they can cause algae to start growing in the pool. When it rains, the combination of dilution of chemicals from rainwater and runoff into the pool can mean more sanitizers are necessary. Keep an eye on the chemical balance.

So how do you keep algae out of the pool?

It’s really a matter of keeping those chemicals and sanitizers balanced. Your pool filter should run a good 10 out of every 24 hours too, especially during heavy use times. The more use, the more it needs to get cleaned. Even make a weekly effort to brush the walls of your pool and vacuum the interior weekly, if not twice weekly. This is going to remove that algae growth, even when it’s stating and you haven’t noticed it yet.

If you’ve got algae building up and didn’t see it coming, a weekly algicide and shock treatment to the pool water will keep the algae away after you’ve given it a good brushing and vacuuming. It’s also good to rinse down the pool toys so you don’t reintroduce algae into the pool after giving it a good cleaning.

It’s not hard to keep the greens away, what’s better, it will keep the green in your pocket so you don’t spend on unnecessary options to get rid of something you could have prevented.